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Because Interconex has such high standards for customer care, finding a vehicle shipping partner was not an easy feat. As Alex says, “We rely on good work, taking ownership, and transparency…not fluff.” He wanted a partner that aligned with Interconex’s values, not a company that focused on slick marketing and corporate jargon.
Elroy Air is on a mission to enable same-day shipping to every person on the planet. It’s a goal that has the potential to massively expand the reach of express shipping, provide humanitarian aid in regions with challenging infrastructure and immediate relief in disaster and fire-fighting situations, and enable rapid autonomous aerial resupply to troops in the field.

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Bill Weidner
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I am most appreciative of the car being delivered on my desired date of July 7th. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated as well as those of everyone involved with the shipment of my car.
Chakrapani Srinivasanv
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I appreciate Susan in the way she handled the conversation. She was very busy still had time to explain and answer my questions. Your rates are very reasonable and service is far more than other companies out there.
George Fernald
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We sing your praises every now and then when we think of what we went through to get our 2 families moved here to North Carolina. Moving our cars was one of the smoothest and least stressful events of our entire move.
Lucille B. Anderson
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I will be referring others to your company who need their cars to be transported.
Eleanor DiMango
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It’s so rare these days to find a company that delivers such terrific and professional service. I cannot tell you how much as a customer I appreciate that. I felt comfortable knowing that each month my car was in storage it was safe.
Mike Plewacki
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Thank you! I appreciate your help. I shipped this car to my mom and she said the driver was very courteous to her.

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