Common Car Transport Issues You Can Easily Avoid

The concerns of people relocating to a new home and businesses moving to a new office are as different as night and day. There’s one concern they share in common, though: the logistics of transporting vehicles.

It’s easy to arrange car transport service and let them take care of the logistics while you worry about more pressing matters. But even though the most trusted car transport company can get your vehicle ready to go without any issues, you still have to tick all boxes in a checklist just to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Here are some concerns you have to iron out before entrusting your auto mover with everything else:

Documentation: Do You Have All Necessary Documents?

Before you book car transport services, make sure that you have all necessary documents. These include the vehicle registration, which the car transport company may ask for to verify your car ownership. It’s also wise to have your certificate of insurance ready to avoid any delays with your intended transport schedule.

While we’re on the subject of documentation, keep in mind that transport companies conduct inspection reports before shipping and after the vehicle is delivered. It’s important that you’re present during both inspections so you can confirm the accuracy of the report. Disclose all relevant information during the first inspection. And in the rare instance that the car is damaged during transport, make sure it’s included in the inspection report. Otherwise, it might be difficult to make a claim on the company’s insurance.

Insurance Coverage: Is Your Vehicle Properly Insured?

Your auto insurance is designed to cover financial losses in case of accidents or theft. Car transport companies are required to have another type of insurance to cover any possible damages while handling your vehicle. Go over the insurance policy to make sure that it provides sufficient coverage, or to request an increase, if possible.

Moveauto, for example, is a licensed and bonded company that serves as the primary insurer for the service. Our free insurance covers up to $100,000 with no deductibles from you. In case this amount isn’t enough for your peace of mind, you can coordinate with your broker for additional coverage.

Booking Schedule: When Is the Right Time to Book the Service?

Plans change, especially when you’re in the middle of moving from one city to another. So, it’s understandable if you book car transport services at the last minute. This might pose some challenges when you need your car immediately when you get to your destination, though.

Next-day car pickup isn’t impossible if the cities are close to each other but keep in mind that carriers normally take up to 30 days to get your car to the designated location. So consider all your options and coordinate the transport time with your chosen carrier so that you don’t have to wait your car for longer than you expected.

Our typical cross-country transit time usually takes one to two weeks. Book the service as early as you can to avoid time-sensitive issues.

Car Transport Fees: Are You Paying the Right Amount?

One of the most important things you have to consider when hiring car transport services is the overall costs. Car transport rates vary depending on where the pickup location and drop-off points are. Avoid paying more than you should by making sure that the initial quotation has no hidden or additional fees.

Don’t compromise quality for cost, though. Some carriers offer lower-than-usual prices but it’s hard to guarantee whether the vehicle will get to you on time. It’s better to pay for trusted services that you know will stick to their given timeframe.

Personal Belongings: Have You Emptied Your Vehicle?

It might seem like a good idea to load up your car with household items or office furnishing instead of hiring separate moving services for these items. However, the law prohibits auto transport carriers from shipping vehicles with these items inside. And even if the carrier allows a modest amount of personal property in the vehicle for transport, it’s at your own risk. The insurance may not cover the loss of personal belongings.

To avoid complications or delays in transport, empty your car of all possible belongings before transport. It’s best to leave that stuff with your moving company.

Pickup and Delivery: Did You Coordinate These Details?

After ironing out the necessary documentation and studying the costs and conditions of your auto transport service provider, it’s time to finalize the pickup and delivery schedule. Determine until when you will be using the car, and when you’ll need it again, so the carrier can set up a conservative timeline for you.

When you’re coordinating these details with the carrier, make sure that the pickup time and location are accurate. These carriers operate on a strict schedule to get all shipments on time so be sure of your schedule.

Vehicle Readiness: Will It Be Ready for Pick Up When You Say It Is?

Note that the pickup schedule isn’t the time for final inspections of your vehicle. Neither is it the time to empty it out of personal belongings. Carriers sometimes help with and spare some time for this but it is common courtesy to have the car ready to be loaded once the carrier arrives to pick it up.

Carriers do their best to accommodate your schedule and operate within your preferred time frame. Any delay in the pickup schedule might carry over, and affect the shipment period.

Work with Shipping Experts Who Address These Concerns

Moveauto is so much more than your typical auto transport company. We ship and transport your vehicle from San Francisco to anywhere in the world. We have direct 24-hour contact with all of our drivers so you can rest assured that we’re keeping a close eye on your vehicle.

You can even use your vehicle up until the last minute and we’ll arrange your shuttle service to the SFO airport. We make the relocation as seamless as possible for you. Let’s work together!

Contact us and our friendly staff will be here for you to answer any questions you may have.​

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