Exotic Car Transport

For fullyinsured, professional exotic car transport, look no further.

Whether you have a Shelby Cobra, ’68 Mustang big block or Aston Martin DBR9 – when it comes to exotic car transport, you should have the security of knowing your precious cargo is in the right hands. With well over a decade under our belts at moveauto, your freight is handled by only experienced auto transport professionals.

What to expect with our exotic car transport services?

Expect that your automobile will first be assessed with a fine-toothed comb, with any defects listed. Be sure that you look over the report before signing off that you concur with the assessment, and make sure to note even the most minute scratch.

The same list will be used on the other end of the journey to be sure no damage was done. Also: make sure the company providing your service is insured. This may seem obvious, but you ought to ask about seeing some credentials. Ask for the driver’s license of the person taking your car, as well as proof of insurance.

Ask for an enclosed car transport if you want the fullest protection. This would mean your car or other vehicle will be placed in a sea van or an enclosed trailer of another sort. If you do opt for the enclosed car transport, you should be prepared to pay a little extra to ensure it is air-ride capable whenever possible.

This will cost a bit more (for air-ride shocks) but provides the best protection for exotic car transport. It ensures the bumps in the road are handled mainly by the transport vehicle or trailer rather than the shocks of your car and is considered a luxury item in the industry.

For fully insured, professional exotic car transport, look no further

Moveauto is fully insured and uses only top-quality partners in the industry to handle your exotic car shipping. We are members of the CMSA (California Moving and Storage Association) and have over a decade of happy customers who have enjoyed our service.

If you have an antique, vintage, classic, racing or rare exotic automobile, you can trust the way that our company will transport your vehicles coast-to-coast, internationally or domestically.

Moveauto takes the worry out of your exotic car transport.

Contact us and our friendly staff will be here for you to answer any questions you may have.​

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