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Transporting a vehicle from one state to another needs a lot of planning and preparation. Regardless of the method you choose, your car will traverse the same highways as every other vehicle on the same route.

There are three ways to ship your car to another state:

  1. Drive the car yourself.
  2. Hire a driver to drive your car.
  3. Hire a transport company.

Driving your car is not a problem when you’re up for a long road trip, your car can take the abuse on the road, and you don’t mind adding on the miles. If, however, your car is brand-new or has lots of issues and might have engine problems over long distances, driving all the way to your destination state might not be the best idea.

The same concerns apply if you hire a driver. Also, you have to be sure that the person you assign behind the wheel is a disciplined driver who won’t let your car get damaged on the way.

These two options have pros and cons, but the good news is you can enjoy the best that both offer when you hire a car transport company.

  • Your car doesn’t get additional mileage.
  • Your car is loaded in a trailer driven by seasoned and well-trained long-haul truck drivers.
  • Your car is protected from road debris. If it is brand-new, it will arrive in your destination as pristine as it was when you drove out of the dealership.
  • You can fly to your destination state and wait for your car in comfort and with peace of mind.

Imagine moving from California to North Carolina. At over 2,600 miles apart, from the West to the East Coast, it will take about 40 hours to drive non-stop to NC. Besides the distance and time, there are also things like re-routing, inclement weather, and reckless drivers to contend with. Not everyone has the patience or know-how to deal with these on top of keeping a car safe in transit. In this situation, the safest and most sensible option would be to hire a car transport company in California.

How to Choose a Transport Service

The benefits of a car transport service depend on the company you hire. If you make the wrong choice, your car could bear the marks.

Here are some tips on how to find a car transport service that you can trust.

1. Ask for recommendations and check for reviews.

Ask for recommendations and advice from people who recently had their cars transported to another state. Alternatively, check the customer reviews on social media and research the company for any news about their business. Your goal should be to check if a company is legitimate and whether it offers quality services.

2. Check the transport fees.

The rates should match the distance your car will travel and whether it’s a solo transport or multiple-car transport.

A legitimate business will ask for an upfront fee and will charge the remaining balance when your car arrives. Consider it a red flag if the company asks you to pay for the upfront fee via wire transfer only. Wire transfers are a favorite payment method for scammers because they are difficult to trace, unlike cashier’s checks.

Ask for a sample of their invoice or an itemized partial invoice for your service. This can reveal hidden charges, like if the driver’s salary and allowance for food and lodgings are not included in the bill. Alternatively, get the company’s guarantee that these fees are all included when they give you a quote.

3. Verify the loading equipment and transport van.

Unless you’re buying a new car and your dealership is handling the shipping, check whether the company is equipped to transport your type of car. Most transport companies can transport sedans, but not all have the equipment and insurance coverage to transport luxury cars or bigger vehicles.

4. Ask how can they prepare their car before transportation.

You can learn a lot about a company’s competence and expertise by asking about their SOPs in transporting cars from one state to another.

Legitimate companies, for example, invite you to be present when they conduct inspections and fill out the bill of lading. You’ll also receive reminders to do preparations which only you can do, like removing your breakable objects and valuables from inside your car.

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