Meet the All American Trucking & Transport Team

Price and excellent service is at the core of everything we do. We are a hospitality company that happens to ship vehicles.

Aidan Gaul

Sales Representative
Aidan loves baseball, and in his free time you can find him at a Giants game or doing stand-up comedy.

Alexander Pelka

Director of Business Development
Alexander is devoted to the welfare of others. He enjoys the solitude of nature and the adventure for travel.

Alexandra Higgin

Sales Representative
Alexandra has a self-proclaimed ‘green thumb’ and enjoys year round gardening.

Andrew Garcia

Customer Service Representative
Andrew loves having the time of his life. He's a book lover and obsessed with tacos.

Ashton Silverman

Director of Sales
Ashton is a passionate Bay Area sports fan and enjoys going on weekend adventures with his wife, daughter, and twin boys.

Awna Barnes

Director of Customer Service
Awna is a new mother who is enjoying every second of it and has high hopes her daughter will attend Stanford.

Christian Lapinig

Software Engineer
Christian is a lover of lumpia, and also plays the piano, guitar, and drums.

Daniela Martinez

Customer Service Representative
Daniela is a SoCal girl with a very serious Starbucks cups addiction.

Dave Mitchell

Lead Dispatcher
A huge Bay Area sports fan, Dave likes spending his spare time going to Giants games and hanging out with family.

Elliot Schaffer

Elliot loves coaching and watching baseball and spending time with his wife and three children.

Frankie Chiu

Sales Representative
Frankie likes to hike, run and work on his Golf game during his spare time.

Jillian Macpherson

Director of Operations
Jillian has a legal background with an interest in women’s rights advocacy and women’s empowerment.

Justin Baron

Vice President
Justin is an avid outdoorsman and is always looking for a new off-road adventure, regardless of weather.

Lisa Tyree

Corporate Account Specialist
Lisa is a native San Franciscan that still has roots in the bay...she also loves to travel, just point the way!

Lupita Loeza

Sales Lead
Lupita loves to explore the best hiking spots in the Bay Area, is a huge dog lover, and an advocate for rescuing animals.

Mark Predovic

Dispatch / Claims
Mark enjoys coaching baseball and donates hundreds of hours coaching ages between 13 and 18.

Melissa Kim

Melissa has a penchant for collecting hardcover books, loves quoting ‘The Office’ and will stop on a dime to pet a cuddly dog.

Monica Reyes

Monica is a loving mother of twin boys, is passionate about animals, and enjoys chocolate milk and going on family adventures.

Patrick Connor

Sales Representative
Patrick is a hard charging football guy who will carry your auto transit into the endzone. Touchdown!


Between off-road adventures, taking her humans outside to play and napping, Penny juggles a busy life.

Robert Kamienski

Director (Heavy Haul)
Robert loves diesel trucks and metal fabrication. He enjoys hunting, fishing and working with animals on his property in MT.

Riana Lane

Customer Service Representative
Riana is a coffee addict who loves her daily trips to Starbucks and collecting as many stars as possible.

Stephanie Bellone

Customer Service Representative
Stephanie is a mother of two and loves spending summers with her family at the lake.

Stephanie Maldonado

Customer Service Representative
Steph is an aspiring artist, who one day hopes to make it in the big city.

Vanessa Michel

Customer Service Representative
Vanessa has a background in Psychology, and loves to explore Bay Area Beaches in her spare time.

Victor Oneschuck

General Manager
Victor is an aficionado in all things mechanical, and has a blooming interest in botany

Winston Ferrari

Sales Representative
Winston enjoys making music, cuddling with animals, and all things of the marvelous and mystic.

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