Specialists in Car Transport To and From Arizona

Bringing a car (or more) to Arizona or shipping it to another state is not as complicated as you might think… IF you do it through moveauto. We specialize in moving vehicles, including boats, ATVs, RVs, and trailers across states. Learn more about our services.

We Specialize in Transporting Vehicles and Heavy Hauls

Our business started in 1994 and it has since established itself as a go-to car shipping company, not just in Arizona but all over the United States. We regularly transport a wide variety of vehicles including heavy hauls.

We’re well-equipped and knowledgeable about the relevant legal procedures, so you can look forward to a safe and hassle-free car transport service.

Moveauto ships the following:

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Shipping Your Car to Arizona

Arizona is the seventh most popular state to move to, according to a recent poll by Move.org. In 2019, Forbes predicted its economic growth to be one of the best in the country; and by the end of 2020, its GDP growth ranked third among all 50 states.

Whether you’re moving to Arizona or doing business that requires shipping cars to or from the state, moveauto can serve you.

Open and Enclosed Car Transport

As your car shipping company in Arizona, we will show you the carrier option that best suits the vehicle or haul you’re shipping.

If you’re shipping an exotic vehicle, our enclosed car transport can give it optimum protection. If you’re working on a strict deadline and budget and you need to ship more than one vehicle at once, open car transport is the best option.

Talk to our staff for more details on how our open transport and enclosed transport services work. We can also advise you which transport methods would be best for your vehicle.

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Our Clients

Choose the Safest and Most Reliable Car Transport in Arizona

Moveauto has offices all over the country, hence, we can easily accommodate shipping contracts to and from Arizona. Our experienced drivers exercise discipline and sound judgment on the road, exercising maximum precaution to prevent any damage — not even a scratch — on your car.

Make the right decision by hiring moveauto to move your car in or out of Arizona.

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