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Let moveauto ship your precious vehicle from Florida to any point in America. We are a trusted name in the industry, catering to organizations and individuals across the country. Call us for your car shipping needs in Florida.

Wide Range of Transportable Vehicles

We are also considered a premier car shipping company in Florida because we can transport just about any vehicle you may have.

Whether it’s a million-dollar Bugatti, a smaller ATV, or a family bowrider, you can rest assured it gets to its destination safely and on time.

Open or Enclosed Vehicle Transport in Florida

Florida is one of the most populous states in the country for a reason. Its healthy economy, gorgeous beaches, and warm weather all play key roles in attracting an influx of people. But it can be a little different for cars.

Florida’s hot summers and dusty roads can take their toll on vehicles, especially on long drives. Choosing a trusted car mover in the state can be your ticket out of a hefty detailing bill.

You can choose between our open and enclosed transport options when shipping your vehicle in our out of Florida.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one service over the other:

Open Transport

The most apparent advantage of choosing the open transport service for your vehicle is its cost-effectiveness. Because there are no walls separating cars from each other or the outside, more cars can be shipped at a time. This translates to low overall costs.

The open transport service is enough for most of the cars being shipped. It offers decent protection from travel wear, and it is the cheaper option. 

Enclosed Transport

Those who want a little more protection can choose an enclosed option. With this service, the vehicle is protected by walls on all sides. Cars shipped in this manner are protected against the weather, road debris, and even leaks from the other cars on the trip.

Because of all the space allotted to walls and other protective features, enclosed transport trucks can ship fewer vehicles than their alternative. This means the cost is generally higher.

Clients trust moveauto because of the following reasons:


Not only will we keep your vehicle secure at all times during the trip, but you will also get access to our vast network of branches across the country.


We don’t ship cars; we also haul anything from boats to heavy machinery. This means we have the right skills, resources, and experience to take care of your vehicle.


In the off chance that your vehicle sustains damage during transport, our carriers are all required to carry at least $100,000 of coverage to cover the costs.

Our Clients

Choose the Most Reliable Car Transport in Florida

Don’t take your chances with driving your car over that long distance or with other fly-by-night shipping companies. Work with a trusted industry name.

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