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Interconex + moveauto Customer Story


Over 10 Years of Successful Partnership

Interconex is an international and domestic household goods moving company.


Interconex needed a business with better communication and pricing to handle the vehicle transportation for customer moves.


moveauto’s competitive price and values of transparency and communication made them the perfect partner for Interconex.


700 cars shipped per year

90% customer satisfaction

99% of Customers Would Recommend Interconex and Moveauto to a Friend or Family Member

Interconex is an international and domestic household goods moving company founded in 1969 and headquartered in San Marcos, CA. With its roots in the financial district of New York City, Interconex prides itself on servicing the relocation needs of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. They are a small and efficient team, and customer transparency is one of their top values. In the moving business, disruptions can happen, even if every employee and vendor operates with the utmost care. 

The truth is that trucks can break down, boats can lose shipments, weather can impact shipping times. Though no business can completely get rid of risk, they can choose how to respond to it. Alex Talbot, part of Interconex’s executive team, has a philosophy that customers are happiest when they are informed. If mistakes happen, own up to it, and work with your customer to see how to fix the situation. “Mistakes happen, but it is all about how you react to it. I never want our customers to be blindsided…the only thing we rely on 100% is communication.” Alex holds Interconex and all of their partners to the same responsibility: “Do it right or make it right.”

Finding the Perfect Fit

Because Interconex has such high standards for customer care, finding a vehicle shipping partner was not an easy feat. As Alex says, “We rely on good work, taking ownership, and transparency…not fluff.” He wanted a partner that aligned with Interconex’s values, not a company that focused on slick marketing and corporate jargon. 

Top tier transparency, communication, and competitive pricing are what led Alex and his team to moveauto. Vehicle shipment is included in about 90% of Interconex’s moves and partnering with reliable companies like moveauto has maintained Interconex’s high levels of customer satisfaction. “moveauto acts as an extension of us quite seamlessly. If there are any issues, they take accountability. But luckily, I can rely on them to keep things running smoothly.” In fact, Alex recalls a time when he referred a friend to moveauto. 

The friend was impressed with moveauto’s offerings but thought that he could save some money with a cheaper company. Unfortunately, a few days after the less expensive vehicle transport company picked up his car, he hadn’t received any updates about the whereabouts of his vehicle. After attempting to track down his car and receiving little clarity, he reported it as stolen. Thankfully, the car was found four days later, and this friend decided to use moveauto to finish the vehicle shipment. It’s clear that price cannot be the single determining factor when looking for a business partner, especially when dealing with cargo as valuable as people’s personal belongings and vehicles. These partners should have a good track record getting things right and fixing them when they go wrong. “Any business can have things go right once, twice, fifty times even, but how do they handle the situation the one time something goes wrong?” When things went wrong, Alex’s friend relied on moveauto to make it right, and Interconex is proud to do the same.

Moving Forward

Today, Interconex successfully ships about 700 cars per year with moveauto. The team at Interconex is excited to continue growing alongside moveauto as both companies gain new business and tackle new challenges.

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