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Philadelphia Pennsylvania is the Next City for a New Branch of


Following the success of in its hometown, California, the company puts effort into doing expansions to other 22 cities in the US. One of them is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Based on research conducted previously by the company’s team, Philadelphia is seen as one of the cities with big potential. The team predicts the number of customers will be high for the fact that multiple companies and businesses there may need to conduct transportation services from other agents.

There are also chances to get customers from the realms of families and groups of people. Those people may move from Philadelphia to other cities due to some reasons like jobs, marriage, education, and more. Since the company also intends to conduct promotions, it is estimated to attract customers even more.

While for services, it is just the same as services given by in California. They are car and truck transport, motorcycle transport, antique car transport, heavy equipment, crates, and many more. The customers need to share first to know which one of the options above the most suitable to them.

Aside from services, the company provides some features to support the moving and transporting process. They are including the 24-hour contact with drivers, the guarantee of delivery dates, no deposit, and complimentary shuttles.

“Philadelphia is one of the cities in our list of expansion. It seems great to have a branch there based on our research. Mostly, because the customers are predicted to be high coming from various realms. Sure, the best services and features are also given for the sake of customers’ satisfaction.”

“It is great to hear MOVEAUTO will have some branches in Philadelphia and many other cities. I’m one of its loyal customers and have used some services for moving, sending vehicles, and more. So, other people should experience it also.”

About is a transport company based in the San Francisco Bay in California. Currently, it attempts to expand into 22 other cities in the USA. It makes available various transportation services, including long-distance moving for individuals and families, commercial contracts for company relocation, and vehicle transportation. It conducts 24-hour contacts with all drivers to make sure passengers and packages arrive at the destination safely and on time as well as provides some other features.


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