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MoveAuto-Building has decided to open its new branch in San Antonio, Texas. As one of the major cities in Texas State, this expansion will become a challenge for this auto transport company from the San Francisco Bay Area, to provide the service for its new customer. In its original area, this company is well-known as a reliable and excellent auto transport carrier provider. Now, with the expansion to San Antonio, comes a new market and clients that will use the service. It will become the new chapter of this company’s growth and development.


The General Manager of MOVEAUTO, Victor Oneschuck said, “By expanding our business to San Antonia, we realize that we will face a new clients, market, and different situation than our main business area. It will push us to the limit. However, we realize that this is a necessary decision, so our company can grow and develop into a much better state. And, more importantly, we also will become much better to provide our auto transport service for our customers, wherever they live. So, we are ready for this. And, San Antonio people will get the best from us.”


The decision to expand to San Antonio will give a chance for people from other areas to use the service from MOVEAUTO. Currently, this company provides the main auto transport service for cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as the enclosed transport service. The enclosed transport service is mostly used by clients who want to protect their exotic and antic car from dust and debris that come during the delivery. This company also offer heavy haul service for transporting heavy equipment, boat, trailer, and even freight and crates. With so many options, the client will get the auto transport they need.


One of its clients said about the service, “I have to admit that MOVEAUTO offers a quite rare service. They are super professional. Their service is amazing. It made me feels peaceful and comfortable that my car was delivered safely. I appreciate your works. As a customer, I can’t thank you enough for giving me such as satisfying service.



MOVEAUTO is more than just a typical auto transport carrier. This company has been around since 1994 and now provides its service in San Antonio, Texas.


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