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Moving in or out of state? Let All moveauto handle your car shipping in New York. We can deliver your car to any point in the US or outside. We cater to the vehicle transport needs of individuals and organizations.

We Can Transport Any Vehicle

One of the features that make such a trusted name in the car shipping industry in New York is how we can transport just about any vehicle. From motorcycles to heavy machinery, we have the equipment and the experience to ensure their safe and prompt delivery.

Open or Enclosed Vehicle Transport in New York

The Empire State is home to millions of people – for good reason. Apart from the booming business landscape, relatively low crime rates, and agreeable weather, New York is renowned for its culture and diversity. This makes moving into the state an easy decision for many.

If you’re looking for the ideal moving partners for your car, we have got you covered. Our car moving services in the state can keep your car safe and wear-free as you travel across state lines.

We offer either our open or enclosed transport services, depending on your need and preference.

Open Transport

For most of the vehicles being shipped, open transport is enough. It offers decent protection against the wear of travel while also being reasonably affordable.

Since open carriers save space having no walls around the cars, they can generally transport more vehicles. The biggest carriers can ship upwards of 10 cars per trip. This translates into cost-savings for the shippers and cheaper bills for the customer.

Enclosed Transport

Those who own rare and exotic vehicles often choose an enclosed carrier for shipping. In these carriers, cars are protected by walls on all sides. This keeps the vehicles safe from road debris, the elements, and even leaks from other cars.

Because these carriers are filled with protective walls, they ship fewer vehicles at a time. This makes the cost of transport typically higher.

As your vehicle shippers of choice in New York, we can help you pick the right option for your car.

New York’s Finest Car Shippers

We are a trusted name in NY because of the following reasons:


Although the chances are very slim, if your vehicle does encounter damage during the trip, our carriers are all required to carry at least $100,000 coverage.


We handle shipping for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and even heavy equipment. We have a deep understanding of vehicle shipping, and we have the resources to carry it out.


Aside from keeping your vehicle secure during the entire shipping process, you can also feel more confident about our services since we have branches across the US.

Our Clients

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Save yourself from the potential hassles or delays of driving your vehicle long-distance by working with a car shipping company in New York that you can trust.

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