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The Key Ingredient of a Comprehensive Relocation Package


Moving is one of the top three most stressful events in a person’s life. That means if you’re going to ask an employee or new hire to move for their job, you’re asking a lot

Fortunately, many employees are willing to pack up and move for their work. In a survey conducted by staffing agency Robert Half, 62% of people said they would relocate for a position. Whether they’re attracted to the new location, the perks of the job, or they’re simply looking for a change of scenery, it seems most people would willingly move for a job despite knowing the associated challenges of such a drastic life change.

For HR leaders tasked with moving employees from point A to point B, it’s imperative to provide the smoothest moving experience for new hires. Moving is an incredibly disruptive experience that can cause unintended expenses and frustrations for both the employee and employer.

Today, prospective employees have their pick of jobs. To alleviate the stress of moving and tip the balance in your favor in the hiring market, make sure you’ve got the essentials covered in your relocation package. 

The Employee Relocation Essentials:

  • Cost of searching for a new home
  • Packing and moving household goods and furnishings
  • Mover’s insurance
  • Temporary storage
  • Temporary housing
  • Transportation for people and vehicles

The Emotional Toll of Moving

For some people, the idea of starting over in a new location is an exciting prospect. The notion of packing up and actually getting there, however, is not as appealing. 

A new hire who’s moving for their job is already juggling a million tasks trying to get everything ready. They’ll have thousands of questions swirling around their head. Will they like their new neighborhood? Will their spouse be able to find a job in the new location? Does the new neighborhood have educational facilities to fit their child’s needs? 

All of these questions have the potential to disrupt daily life for the employee and their family. A new employee trying to navigate the logistics of uprooting their life can find it difficult to relax, is likely to feel overwhelmed, and may even experience physical manifestations of stress. 

The negative effects of stress won’t disappear the moment a new hire sits down at their desk. Compounded anxiety from a move takes time to recover from — which means it’s important to build a relocation package that prevents those stress factors from existing in the first place. 

The Professional Challenges of Relocation

When you find the best talent, you naturally want them to begin as soon as possible. New hires will generally start their position in two weeks. If there’s a move involved, however, that time frame may be much longer and include more responsibilities for everyone involved. 

HR leaders are already tasked with a large portion of onboarding a new hire. Enlisting the services of a vehicle transport company lets them hand off a good amount of administrative work, like arranging load and drop times that align with the employee’s timeline and the company’s needs. Vehicle transport companies will determine the best possible timeline for moving the vehicle based on the employee’s logistics and details, ensuring a smoother and shorter time to the start date.

There’s no hard and fast rule in terms of the distance it’s recommended to offer auto shipping in a relocation package. The general suggestion is that if a flight would save time over a drive, it’s worth the investment. Every day a worker isn’t on the job, the company loses money. Employees who receive relocation packages are often highly valued, with skills and experience that employers don’t want to go without for days or weeks. Offering auto shipping gets them settled and back to work faster.

Lump Sum vs. Comprehensive Package

Rather than arranging a comprehensive moving package, some companies will provide a lump sum to cover the cost of relocation. This can seem like an attractive option because employees are usually allowed to keep any cash they don’t spend on the move. Yet many employees find that having a few hundred dollars in their pockets isn’t worth the trouble.

Lump sums certainly help reduce the financial strain of moving, but they don’t do anything to reduce the emotional and professional stress factors that come with such a big life change. Having a trusted vehicle transport service, however, gives them the benefit of a streamlined process that’s designed to coordinate the complicated logistics of moving. Preferred vendors are experts at handling the hassle because they do it all the time, whereas HR leaders are probably not as well-versed in the details involved in vehicle transport. Plus, employers offering auto shipping usually have enough experience with the transport company to vouch for their reliability, meaning employees can trust that their vehicle will be well-cared-for and arrive at its destination exactly when it’s needed. 

Offering auto shipping in a relocation package is the only way to provide a hands-free moving experience that allows employees to focus on being successful in their new roles.  

Starting Your New Hires off on the Right Foot

At a time when many people barely move past their own front door to go to work, it’s worth every HR leader’s time to consider how they can make the moving process easier for their employees. Helping new hires reduce the pain associated with moving shows a lot about how you care for your employees and their wellbeing, which is critical at a time when finding and retaining talent is still a huge obstacle for many companies. Easing the moving experience starts the employer-employee relationship off on the right foot, building a strong foundation of trust that can help retain the best talent for a long time to come. 

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