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Transport your car from Washington to anywhere in the country with moveauto. We work with car dealerships, companies, and individual buyers in need of expert car moving services.

Whether you’re moving just one car or transporting an entire fleet to and from the state of Washington, our expert car movers will carry out the job safely and on time.

We Can Transport These Vehicles

We are a fully licensed car shipping company based in Washington state. We transport most types of cars, from regular four-dour cars to utility vehicles. It doesn’t matter how light (e.g., scooters, motorcycles) or how heavy (e.g. trailers, RVs) the load is; we have the experience and equipment to load, transport, and unload all of them safely. You can also hire us to move your boats and heavy machinery in and out of Washington.

We transport the following types of vehicles:

We also cater to heavier vehicles and specialty hauls including the following.

Reliable Car Transport for Owners and Dealers in Washington

Washington has seen one of the highest increases in car registrations: from 2,514,500 registered cars in 2012 to 2,943,914 in 2019, or 17.1 percent increase in seven years. Our vehicle movers in Washington have transported some of the vehicles that were purchased out-of-state during this time.

Washington may have one of the best public transport systems in the country, but as the figures show, it’s not stopping the residents from acquiring their own private vehicles. If you’re one of these new proud car owners, moveauto will deliver your new vehicle to your home or business in Washington — safely, on time, and without a scratch.

We offer open transport on a two-level trailer. This is suitable for almost all types of vehicles but is usually used for transporting used cars. If you’re moving a brand-new or luxury car, our enclosed car transport can give your vehicle envelope protection from the elements, dirt, and flying gravel.

We can give you more details on our transport options. Talk to our experienced car shippers in WA today.

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Moveauto is fully licensed and equipped to transport a broad range of vehicles and heavy hauls to and from Washington state. Private cars, utility vehicles, water vessels, ATVs, and trailer trucks — our drivers and staff are all trained and knowledgeable in transporting them safely across states.

Send us your questions about our services — about the equipment we use, our transport procedures, drivers’ credentials, or any other concerns. We’ll be happy to answer them so you can have peace of mind.

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