OK, it’s time to make the big move and you have more questions than answers.

Don’t worry, that’s normal! We are going to tackle the age old question of driving vs shipping, and how you can save money doing one or the other.

Let’s analyze the cost to ship a vehicle from New York to Los Angeles. Our sample car is a 2005 Honda Accord, which we chose because of its best-in-class fuel economy (27mpg, which includes just a bit of in-town use). Please consider the actual mileage achieved by your vehicle, because chances are the mileage is just not the same as an Accord.

New York to Los Angeles

  • Average cost for one gallon of gas: $3.10
  • Distance from New York to Los Angeles: 2778
  • Total Gas Needed: (2778 miles / 27mpg = 103 gallons of gas) (103 gallons x $3.10 per gallon) $319.30
  • Time Spent Driving: 6 Days, 5 Nights
  • Hotel Cost: (5 nights x $80 per night) $400
  • Meal Cost: ($25 per day x 6 days) $150
  • Everything Added Together To Drive Yourself: $869.30
  • Cost of All American Shipping Your Vehicle: Just over a Thousand Bucks’
  • Piece of Mind: PRICELESS!!

When calculating this figure it is important to consider that NOTHING has gone wrong with your vehicle, and we have assumed you are traveling alone (or cost of food doubles)… Most importantly, we have NOT ASSIGNED A VALUE TO YOUR TIME. Not to mention the vast potential for issues while driving across country; flat tire, mechanical failure, simply getting lost, etc. Don’t forget, you will need to change your oil after that long trip, and your car will have just added almost 3000 miles to the odometer, thus depreciating your baby!!!

Yes, you will get to see the country, which is an amazing experience. If you have the time to make a trip of it, driving is a great option. If you want a no-hassle, worry free way to get your vehicle from one side of our beautiful country to the other…


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1 thought on “Driving vs Shipping…. A Real-Life Dilemma. New York to Los Angeles!”

  1. I moved from SF to Florida in May 2010. I own a Mini Cooper (love it!) so I rented a stow-and-go van so that my sister and I, my 15-year old cat, and the numerous wine country purchaes we made could get cross-country in relative comfort. I used All American Transport to ship my Mini. Just found them in the Yellow Pages. Yes, it’s taken me this long to get around to posting my comment, but I still tell anyone what I said when my business with All American concluded. They did exactly what they said they would do, exactly how they said they would do it, and exactly in the timeframe they told me. There were no delays, no excuses, and no damage at all from the Mini riding on the open transport. Matter of fact, I left California a day or so before my car did. After our side trip to Sedona and on our way to Santa Fe, my sister and I were amazed when we passed the transport carrying my car! A couple miles ahead we pulled off and took a picture of the Mini as it went by! Wish I could say things went that well with the moving company, but we all have those nightmares! If I ever need this type of service again, All American is who I’ll be calling. They are highly professional and take great care of their customers.

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